Goal Setting

Imagine yourself as a ship sailing the open ocean. Let’s call that ocean the ocean of opportunity. You set out with your ship, motivated, sails into the wind and off you go….wooooshhh.

The first week is going great, the water is smooth and the wind just perfect. Where will the wind take you? Not important because you are free

Two weeks later things start to change and you suddenly find yourself struggling. The wind is picking up and bigger waves are smashing into your ship. Three weeks later and you are about to drown, completely lost sight of direction and throwing up so much, food from last years Xmas is making an early comeback. 

In case I lost you at “ocean of opportunity”, I’m creating a metaphor for setting goals. Having goals can literally become the difference between success & failure.  

But, wait! Why should you have goals in the first place? Why not just live life spontaneously and go with the floooow? 

Think of the ship that set out without a specific course. Life may go well if things are “normal” but when the weather starts changing, the economy goes downhill or your boss snorts away the company's profits, you’ll end up on some deserted island and get eaten by evil monkeys. 

Goals give you direction, they make it easier to plan and to review if the things you did actually work. Without goals, you are just reacting to your circumstances rather than being proactive.

Here are my 5 most important ingredients when it comes to goals!

Raise your standards

Mr. Clement Stone said “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star”. Set a goal that scares you, challenges your comfort zone and upgrade your standard. Why? Because a bigger goal will motivate you to find answers that you do not know yet. If your goal is bigger than what you currently know, you are forced to develop yourself and GROW. Any business that doesn’t grow will eventually die. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a student or an employee, you need to challenge yourself and grow with the task. Growth and progress fuel your creativity and ultimately lead to happiness. 

Be specific

Whenever you set a goal, be as specific as you possibly can. Don’t just say “I wanna earn more money”. Fine, here is a dollar, done! Instead, write down “I want to earn $5000 more within the next 2 months” or “I want to double my income until August 31st”. This will ensure you have a measurable goal that you can monitor and adjust in the future. 


We all do it. We lie to ourselves and don’t stay true to our word. You have done it and I have (many times). The best way to stay on track with your goals is to get an accountability partner. A friend, a coach, your cat (don’t take your cat, your cat doesn’t care)…anyone who is willing to check in on you and your goals regularly. I recommend doing this twice a week. The most successful people on this planet have a coach - even coaches have a coach. So why shouldn’t you?

Don’t be too hard on yourself

You keep trying and it still doesn’t work. Don’t beat yourself up! Take a moment and analyze. Do I really want to achieve this goal or am I just writing it down because other people think it’s cool? Am I trying to climb Mt. Everest on day 1? If you fail at achieving your goals, over and over again, make sure you understand there is nothing wrong with you. You are perfectly imperfect and after all, a human being. I fail at achieving my goals all the time, so what!? I try again and adjust my goals if necessary. 


This is the hardest part for many over-achievers. I find it very difficult to actually reflect and celebrate. Many times I convince myself that I should be doing more instead of celebrating. Very wrong! Lately, I have been giving myself more time to celebrate the hard work and long hours. A trip to Florida with my lady over the weekend and meditation retreat with silence/prayer. Life is not all about work and hustle. Recharging the batteries and allowing the mind to rest in silence is crucial for a well-balanced life. After these small breaks, I feel much more centered, focused and creative. The way to the top is long and hard, give yourself a well-deserved break!

So, there you have it.  Take a moment and really think about the things you want to achieve in life. Write them down, divide them into baby steps and then…TAKE ACTION! Do it now and stop wasting your beautiful life because you deserve the very best. It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to write them down and take small action steps towards achieving them. With all my heart, I believe in you and your fullest potential!

What’s your strategy for achieving goals? Do you have any tips, tricks, god-mode cheat codes? 

Let me know in the comments and as always, I highly appreciate your feedback and will respond within 24 hours. 

Much love,


BONUS: Research has shown that just setting a goal and trying to achieve it will make you happier…even if you don’t achieve it. So, set goals today and be happy :-)