Mind over Matter

With a slipped disk in my back and depression overcoming me on a daily basis, I began to understand how many isolated elderly people must feel. I was 23 years old, hated my job and lived in a body that was clearly out of shape. The pain didn’t reside in my back but in the left leg. Sitting, standing, walking and even sleeping became a daily struggle. It all started with a car accident back home, where my car was hit while making a turn. At the time I didn’t feel any pain but it slowly developed into a slipped disk and an inflamed sciatic nerve. To spare you a long story of doctors trying to fix me with therapy, pills, and injections - I was not seeing an end to my problem! 

On top of that the only pills that helped calm down the pain, made me fall asleep in class. Now try to imagine a class full of testosterone driven young pilots, all motivated and hungry to succeed…and me, in pain and struggling to stay awake. “What’s up dude, not interested? You should pay attention, this is really important”. I felt terrible and embarrassed, mainly because I couldn’t share this with anyone out of fear of rejection.

Note: as a pilot, you need to be physically fit or may be classified as unfit to fly.

So not only was fear building up but also the lack of any form of exercise. The doctors told me not to work out and be very careful. One specialist in Hamburg even told the only thing that would help right now is surgery. Really? Only 23 years old and this guy already wanted to cut me open! Not happening, bro…

I knew I had to change something because I was digging myself a hole and the thought of committing suicide was not far away. The change started to materialize when I quit my job, it was a moment of incredible relief. It was as if a 100 pounds of weight had been lifted off my shoulders. In only 6 weeks I had accomplished what doctors tried to fix in 1.5 years - no pain, flexibility and a big smile on my face! 

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Ok, just kidding, I’ll tell you.

Numerous reports and studies have shown that the perception of an illness greatly impacts the healing process.

In other words, what you think about your illness can determine how or even if you will heal. I remember my thoughts very well. Not being able to exercise and freely move without pain, caused me to hate the state I was in. The conversation I had with myself was negative, disempowering and far from lifting me up. Yet, I came to realize that the physical pain I was feeling, was in direct relation to my thoughts. When you hate yourself and have very little love left in you, how do you expect your body to heal? 

After quitting my job, I started reading books about self-development, healing and beautiful stories that would inspire me to have faith. This is not positive thinking and expecting the pain will just wash away. If you are in a serious condition, I highly recommend consulting specialists WHILE you feed your mind with as much positive information as you can. Listening to audio tapes by Les Brown & Tony Robbins greatly helped me to reshape my thinking. However, the process didn’t stop there. I started working out again and took slow steps to regaining my shape. I was able to sleep properly, to relax and forget the weight that was putting me down. My body was literally crippled by my thoughts of fear, limitation, and anxiety.

Did you know that your brain is not able to tell between reality and imagination? If you are constantly stressed about the past or future, the brain will cause your body to feel that sensation in this very moment (even if it’s not happening right now). If your body is not at ease, you are planting the seeds for all kinds of diseases. 


The Healing Process


True healing begins with you. I used to carry this burden of guilt within me and it would make me sick. When I finally forgave myself for quitting the career I hated, my body immediately responded. Holding onto grudges in life increases the chances of developing any form of sickness. 

The first step is to forgive yourself. Do you constantly think about the things you should have done differently? Do you think you're not good enough, not rich enough, not beautiful enough? All of this is adding to your emotional pain, which will transcend into physical pain. Unfortunately, in many cases, our western society is not trying to heal us but more so to deal with the symptoms. Eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis AND consulting a specialist is necessary but it all starts with the way you think. 

Understanding that where you are now, does not determine where you will be in the future, has helped me change my thinking. I viewed the failure at Lufthansa as one of the greatest gifts in life. Only because of this experience, did I begin to discover the real me. My pain turned into preparation for something greater than me. My despair was a life lesson, which I would use to inspire others…and my desperation turned into gratitude for the small things in life - like being healthy and able to walk without pain.   

Do you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t make you happy or fulfilled? Maybe it’s a romantic relationship or the job you hate. Go deep inside and take a moment for yourself. You do not deserve to be unhappy or unfulfilled. Your body will respond to your emotional pain. Lift yourself up and make a conscious choice towards a healthy life…it all starts within you

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

As always, I would appreciate your questions, feedbacks or encouraging notes in the comments :-).

Much love,