The Benefits of a Plant-based Diet

The world is changing fast and many people are waking up to the facts that have been around for a very long time. It’s no secret that meat & dairy come loaded with a variety of health damaging factors. Furthermore, our planet has been suffering the causes of the animal agriculture industry for way too long. In this article, you won’t find anything about the cruel practices that go hand in hand with slaughtering animals for food but instead, you will learn about the many significant benefits of a plant based diet.

But first, why did I decide to say goodbye to consuming animal products? 

It all started in January 2016. I was in Cape Town, a place where locals specialize in a variety of meat dishes. Growing up in an Italian/German family where my father owned a restaurant for 30 years, you can imagine how my diet was filled with a lot of dairy and meat. I had never really considered my food as a source of disease and so I ate a lot of animal products. 

One night in Cape Town I had this extremely vivid dream of an animal being slaughtered right in front me and could see every detail of it…after waking up, I decided to quit meat for good. My vegetarian journey began. This year in February after studying documentaries, articles, and books, I took it one level higher - a fully plant based diet. One of the best decision in my life!


 Fruits = Life

Fruits = Life

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most prominent benefits for the body & the environment:


The Body


Better health

A highly decreased risk of a variety of diseases such as different types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. Caused by the lack of saturated or trans fats and cholesterol, plants come packed with nutrients to keep your health in top shape. 

What’s more, scientist recently discovered that plant based diets even help protect against memory loss caused by aging. Research is indicating a strong connection between consuming animal products and the Alzheimer’s disease due to the plaque that is building up in the blood vessels and therefore depriving brain cells of oxygen-rich blood.

Weight loss

How about a diet where you can eat all the time and still lose weight? I know, sounds too good to be true, right? 

The beauty of plant based nutrition is that it comes packed with fiber, vitamins AND far less caloric density. This means in order to get the same amount of calories with plants you need to eat more than the same amount of calories obtained via meat or dairy. Eating more food, living healthy and setting yourself up for your dream body - sounds freaking awesome to me!


The Environment 

Given the dire situation we find ourselves in (think climate change, forest destruction, dead ocean zones, etc.) it’s about time we address this topic in more detail.

Below I have listed the most prominent topics with references when clicking on the highlighted words.

Going plant based will…

Result in the lowest possible CO2 footprint compared to vegetarians and meat-eaters. Given the fact that climate change is probably the most existential threat we have ever faced, this is a very legit argument in order to heavily decrease your meat intake or quit for good!

“Intensive livestock-rearing is a major cause of greenhouse gases, in part because of the methane produced by the animals and the massive slurry pits that accompany large farms”

And another one...

Drastically reduce your water consumption

“1 pound of beef requires anywhere between 2000 and 8,000 gallons of water to produce, according to studies conducted by UC Davis.” 

Helping to restore the oceans

In recent news… 

“The Gulf of Mexico is currently experiencing one of the largest “dead zones” ever seen, in which a massive patch of the ocean is now devoid of life. A new report claims that this ecological devastation is the result of the meat industry that occurs in the heart of the United States.”


I will say this: going plant based is a process, it requires planning and getting used to changing your diet. Especially in social gatherings, it may be more challenging than usual. Yet, it is well worth the effort. How much do you value your health? How important is it to you to make a contribution to our society? Are certain tastes more important to you than helping to restore the planet for your family? How you live and what you consume greatly matters. With every decision you make, you create demand and according to economics 101, demand creates supply. 

Waiting for politicians to make these changes happen won't help. We need to start thinking about the things that really matter. It's time to educate ourselves and learn how we can all make an impact. Healing starts with what you put on your plate every day! I hope this article has helped you to shed some more light on the topic and would love to hear your feedback!


The choices you make today, create the world you live in tomorrow. 


Much love,