Rock Bottom

It was a rainy, cold day in the fall of the year 2011 in a small city in the northern part of Germany. I was 23 years old and what I thought only happened to other people, hit me right in the face. 


In 2008 I had graduated from high school and was the first in my immediate family to pursue a higher education. With so many options available, I had absolutely no clue what to do with my life - nada, zero. So, I turned to a reliable source of inspiration, the dream factory... Hollywood.

Traveling the world, with beautiful ladies surrounding you and being able to control one of mankind’s greatest inventions was music to my ears! Inspired by Leonardo Di Caprio in Catch Me If You Can, I set out to becoming a pilot for Europe’s biggest and most prestigious airline, Lufthansa. At the time the procedure to become a pilot at Lufthansa was almost impossible. Over 93% of all the applicants fail in the incredibly hard tests consisting of 3 stages (fail at one and you’re out for life!). 

It took me a year of preparation after finally having made it! Proud as a prince, I thought I had reached the ultimate success and figured it all out. I could not have been more wrong...

During the first year of my training, I realised that I had completely and utterly failed in my career choice - day 1 was the beginning of my soon-to-be nightmare. Imagining myself in a cockpit in the midst of corporate Germany with absolutely no creative development for the next 20 years made me wanna throw up!

Here I was, on the very first day with my heart telling me to pack my bags and run. “You made the wrong choice, so what!? Quit, do something else and be done with it” My ego had different plans…giving up was no option and certainly not admitting to everyone else that I was wrong.

Fast forward 1 year later and I find myself significantly out of shape, unhappy, depressed and really angry with the world (because why would little poor me be in this kind of situation, right?). On top of that, I had developed a slipped disc in my back, which caused me incredible pain, insomnia and the physical flexibility of a 90-year old. In short, I was a complete mess, ready to end my life…

But something else happened one morning after I woke up and (due to the slipped disc) couldn’t move my legs anymore. I had enough! When the panic stopped and the feeling in my legs came back, I took a deep breath and decided then and there: NO MORE! In an instant, I felt relieved, freed of the chains that were holding me down, ready to take the next step…

New Beginnings


A New Life

I did it! I finally had the courage to speak the truth and express my deepest feelings to everyone. What a relief! 

After quitting my career at Lufthansa and returning home to my parents I still struggled with the new reality and having to figure out what my next steps would be.

Luckily I had a big sister on the other side of the planet. Cape Town was calling!

Summer, sunshine, the beach and finally living again! My god, what a change from cold, rainy Germany. It was a time of rediscovery, relaxation and spiritual awakening - we are going deep, baby! I still remember the night, where my brother in law asked me to join them for a documentary called “The Secret”. Little did I know how the next 90 minutes would transform my life forever. Law of attraction, everything is connected, my thoughts become reality - say what? 

As I had finished watching, something shifted inside me because as I stood up, I walked over to my sister and told her how much I love and appreciate her for who she is. I told her that I was terribly sorry for trying to change her all the time and that I would support her through everything. 

The next day I started observing my thoughts in detail and noticed that I was carrying this deep guilt within me: “You failed and you will fail again, so stop trying and get a safe job”The Secret reminded me that I was in charge of my thoughts and hence the life that would result from these thoughts. This meant I had to change the way I think in order to have the life I always wanted: free, happy and successful! 

Over the course of many years of self-discovery I came across many wise teachings that have helped me master any challenge in my life.

Today, I commit to guiding others towards living their best life and together, create new opportunities for exponential growth. 

I strongly believe each and everyone of us has a gift that the world needs. That gift is often covered by a lack of self-love and a disempowering story each of us unconsciously created. Re-discovering your power begins with simple steps that lead to giant outcomes!

As William Ernest Henley said:

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”. 

Take charge of your mind and witness a life of endless possibilities. If I can, so can you! Thank you for being part of this journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

Much love & gratitude,