The Power of The Mind

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.”. When I first read these words I didn't have a clue what he meant. Does this mean I'm always right and everyone else is wrong? Ha! I knew it all along...but then why haven't I replaced Brad Pitt yet (I envisioned being him in my early 20s) - bummer. 

Watching The Secret in Cape Town made me think about this statement for quite a while until I finally began to understand. My thoughts create my own reality because it is based on what I believe. These beliefs ultimately shape the world in front of me. If I believe that nobody loves me and the world we live in is a hostile and fearful place…well, it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out how likely I’m going to find love, connection, and happiness - not very much!

"I could never do that, that's impossible, it's not worth trying after all, too risky" were the dominant thoughts I had after coming out of a depression. Overcoming that negative mindset was quite challenging but I was so fed up with feeling sorry, so I allowed myself no more excuses. It was time to try something new and practice what I said I would do. The first week or so felt kind of weird because I kept reaffirming positive beliefs such as "I can do this, I'm powerful and blessed by the universe, etc.". The Law of Attraction (stated in The Secret) basically says that whatever you focus on, will manifest in your life, both positive and negative. In addition to these powerful affirmations, I starting reading self-development books and listened to motivational tapes by the one and only Les Brown. I'll name my favorite books at the end of this post. 

The mind is like a muscle and it grows with whatever you feed it, whether you do it consciously or not. For example, watching TV and the news with all the negative bs will program your mind for a limited, scared and isolated way of thinking. Most of the mainstream media is not interested in showing you the beautiful things in this world but rather what makes money. Remember the saying "if it bleeds, it leads". Don't be fooled, these are massive corporations that have no interest in your wellbeing. If you start your morning with everything that is going wrong in this world, how likely are you to feel positive thoughts as you set out for the day? In fact, your morning routine is arguably the most crucial factor to your personal success (remember: success is what YOU make of it, not what other people are trying to dictate you)

Evolution has equipped us with an insanely powerful organ, the brain. Worrying about the future or dwelling in the past can cause you physical pain and increase your cortisol level (also known as stress hormone). Our brain will create a reality based on what we feed it and the astonishing thing, it can not determine whether something is happening right now or not. Think about it, we are suffering from things we cannot change: the past that is long gone and a future that may never come Into being! As you can see, your body will do what the brain tells it to do, so be very mindful of your thoughts and beliefs. 

 Too much Zen in one picture

Too much Zen in one picture

I’m very careful with whom I surround myself and what I feed my brain because I like being in a state of peace, harmony, and happiness. Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m always like that and every single day is all happy clappy. Yet, whenever I feel down or unhappy, I focus on the things that I’m grateful for. If your mind is filled with gratitude, there is no space for anger or stress.

To sum up, I highly recommend watching movies like The Secret (even though you may not agree with everything) and reading as many empowering books as you can. This is the one thing that has helped me in all areas of life and continues to make a major difference! If you want lasting change in your life, better relationships, more freedom, happiness and much more...start by changing your mind.Affirmations work but that's only a small portion of the long way to a fulfilled life. It takes much more than that.

Taking control over your mind before it takes control over you is the key that you always carry in your hand. Start using it and discover the real Power In You!

Much love,


P.S.: You can't solve your problems with the same mindset so try out some of these books.

Think & Grow Rich, The Alchemist (all-time favorite ), Man’s Search For Meaning, The Law Of Divine Compensation, Chicken Soup For The Soul