Wake up!

Terror seems to have swept over the world and spread fear across many cultures. Corrupt politicians, false leaders, and fake celebrities are on the cover of news outlets. Dying oceans, forests vanishing and the very air we breath is being heavily polluted. What a terrible world we live in!

With all this horror happening day after day, what can we do as individuals? Can we really make a difference? 

Go and vote for the right leader they say. Pay your taxes and get a job that pays the bills. On the weekend you get to watch sports games, movies and party till you pass out. Come Monday, you press repeat.

Our parents tell us to get good grades in school, study and then get a job that pays good money. We all have dreams and think to ourselves "one day I'm going to do it". But in school we were taught not to make mistakes, in fact, we were punished with bad grades and to make matters worse, society seems to judge us depending on those grades. When fear is installed in our brain at a very young age, we don't really question it anymore as life makes its way. We think "I could never do this" or "that's impossible"

All hope seems to be lost...if only someone would come to change this! 

Well, that someone is here and always has been..YOU

 Picture by:  John Holcroft

Picture by: John Holcroft

Welcome to the matrix! Welcome to the world of manipulation. The world where we have forgotten how much power we as people really have. Most of us have become obedient sheep waiting for so called leaders to change the world we live in today. 

You may say "oh, but how is this my fault, I didn't vote for that guy and I don't have anything against this group of people"

It requires people with incredible hatred in their hearts to do the things we see in the world...BUT it also requires the vast majority of us to look the other way. We tolerate all the bad as we are so busy striving to make money, buy lots of stuff we don't need and consume foods that carry no nutritional value...all while crippling the very source of life as we know it - earth. 

Ok. Enough with the negative, let's take a deeeeeep breath... Waking up to the reality of life does not have to be a scary experience, quite on the contrary. Understanding that we give corporations, politicians and false idols all their power is the key. You can make a difference as an individual and here are 3 things you can do right now that will have a major effect on all of us.

Plant-based diets

It is no secret that animal agriculture is one of the single biggest contributors to global warming, deforestation, water pollution and species extinction. Did you know that it takes about 660 gallons to make a single hamburger??? That is the same as showering for 2 months nonstop! I used to be a meat-eating machine and loved my steaks more than anything else. Today I live on a plant based diet and have never felt better. I'm not asking you to immediately give up your meat & dairy but limiting both and focusing on plants, fruits, nuts, etc. will make a great impact on your health and the environment. Just by this switch in your diet you help our planet and don't need to wait for laws and regulations to change. 


This is most likely the biggest of the three. When you become the best version of yourself and lead by example, people will automatically follow. It's a harder road, it may take more time and the way will be plastered with failure...but it's worth every step of the way. Stand for your values, develop your consciousness and commit to the things you really want to accomplish in life. When you embody your true self, you will experience a whole new world and inspire the people around you to do the same.

Don't focus on hate

In today's world, attention means money. The more hits a news website gets, the more money it makes (generally speaking). Media spreading disempowering news and even fake news help get more views and lead to more people buying into a reality of fear and limitation. Just think about it, when have you ever watched the news and thought "wooow, what a beautiful world we live in, I really feel like I can make a difference"? Not so much I guess. Guide your attention towards organizations, people, and companies that promote good in the world. Volunteer in your community and focus on solutions rather than problems. 


Despite all of this, I have great faith in humanity. We cry, we laugh, we fail and we succeed. That's what we all do! Whether you are a poor or rich person, you mean something in this world. Your actions just like your in-actions make a difference and together we can create a world for all of us.

With all my heart, I believe in you.

The power to change this world for the better of all mankind is within YOU!


Much love,