From small groups to large auditoriums, Mario has inspired audiences around the world. With his journey from depression to living a fulfilled life, he has helped many people embark on their journey. 

His stories empower and motivate to find meaning in the most challenging of times. Every message is underlined with practical advice that shows how anyone can discover the power within. 


  • Self-development
  • Youth & Personal Empowerment
  • Startup Business 
  • Brand Collaborations
  • Personal Branding


There is nothing worse than a speaker who builds a speech around himself. Mario understands the needs and wants of the audience by focussing on engagement.

An environment that not only inspires but is fun to participate offers the perfect ground for transformation. 

To learn more about rates and how Mario will serve you in best possible way, please send an email with subject "Request for Speaking Information" to info@powerin.me