If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ~ African proverb

Learn from clients I have worked with and let their story be the proof of my commitment to you.

Chris, 30, Munich,   Apple Sales Associate

Chris, 30, Munich, Apple Sales Associate

Mario has changed my life! His spirit for and knowledge about self-development and many other areas has taught and inspired me in ways I could have never imagined. Before I was introduced to him, I was caught up in a vicious circle of self-manipulation and self-destruction. Over a period of ten years I fought against myself 24/7 and lost despite my drive and ambitions over and over again. After having worked with Mario for 6 months, I feel like a new human being! I found my way back from a place I did not think I could recover from. What I loved about working with him, was his incredible positive energy and deepest believe in what he conveys! He does not simply talk about concepts but embodies them fully. That’s why I trusted him completely! I am forever grateful to Mario and believe in him and his coaching with all of my heart!

Rebecca, 25, NYC, Miss Norway Finalist

Rebecca, 25, NYC, Miss Norway Finalist

Thank you, Mario! You believed in me and changed my life.

I met Mario about a year ago when I was full of self-destructive thoughts and self-punishment. I felt I was stuck in a bad cycle and I felt I lost myself and purpose with what I was doing and who I was. 

Mario made me change my situation and the mindset I was stuck in. He came in an gave me a perspective on things and behavior and my life.  He was inspiring and helpful in the way of changing my habits and understand myself. We worked a lot on self-acceptance and with different techniques, it truly changed my life. After working with Mario, I feel like a better person- a new, better version of myself. Looking back, I thought this was impossible. However now, I am now living my best life thanks to Mario.

When I didn’t believe in myself, Mario changed that. He was always positive and helpful, and if I needed something at the moment he was there, only a call or text away - always. I trusted him fully and he would always listen to me regardless of what the subject matter was. I am ever thankful and I feel blessed to have been going through this, and had Mario supporting me and helping me.  Thank you for changing my life, Mario.


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